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In 1918, the “Shoukousha Watch Research Institute” was established, which later converted into the “CITIZEN Watch Co. Following its foundation in 1918, the brand CITIZEN has set itself the goal of constant, endless research and development to design watches that explicate different personalities the accurate time and support their lifestyle. CITIZEN is still a pioneer in the development division of new movements and technologies that enhance the wearing comfort of watches. In the 1920s, almost all the watches that existed in Japan were still imported from overseas. The very first CITIZEN watch emerged on the Japanese market in 1924, six years after the company was founded. During these six years, the founder opened the watchmaking school to train his employees and make them experts in the manufacture of precision watches. The spirit of craftsmanship had already begun at that time. The price of this watch was about 20% of the monthly base salary of government staff. Considering that the imported watches were considered a luxury product, these watches were affordable for the public. We can say that CITIZEN opened the door for more people to buy their watches in Japan. Therefore, their 1st watch was named CITIZEN by the mayor of Tokyo.

Different Models of Citizen Available

  • Citizen Crystal Seven Rare Vintage 1970s Jumbo Men's Automatic Watch TD726
  • Citizen Parashock Centre Seconds Made In Japan Authentic Watch Circa 1950 SCX404
  • Citizen Homer Phynox 1960s Men's 36.5mm Manual Vintage Japan Made Watch SCX123
  • Citizen Super DeLuxe Made In Japan 1960s Manual Men's Vintage Dress Watch YY38
  • Vintage Rare Citizen HMC Made In Japan Stainless St Automatic 1970s Watch Scx286.


  • We hand select only & only the most elegant pre-owned and 100% authentic CITIZEN watches.
  • With over 25 years of wisdom and over 10,000+ CITIZEN watches sold worldwide, you can buy the best fit timepiece for you with 100% confidence.
  • Our well-skilled technicians clean and service every Citizen watch by hand to ensure that you receive a premium quality watch that is running great looks fantastic and that you enjoy wearing.
  • We ship your CITIZEN watch WORLDWIDE via insured delivery from Beverly Hills, California, USA, directly to your door.
  • IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SATISFIED for any reason, you can return it for an instant full refund
  • We offer the finest Brands and most varied selection of pre-owned and vintage collectible watches on the web.
  • Our watches are built to last long & so is our contribution to future generations.

Extra Information About Citizen Timepieces?

CITIZEN has improved timekeeping with a simple idea that watchmaking is still a work in growth and always could become better since its foundation in 1918. From advanced performance to the best comfort on the wrist to assure the highest possible precision, there is actually no limit to innovation and improvement in creating the best timepiece for people around the globe. Additionally, CITIZEN is a cosmic leader in cutting edge technology. Not very long ago, CITIZEN announced an innovative standing as the ultimate leader in Ecologically Friendly timekeeping with its Eco-drive collection. Eco-drive timepieces form ongoing electrical energy, supporting the timepiece to charge outdoors or in artificial light.

CITIZEN Watches - Now & Forever

Today, CITIZEN WATCH is a genuine watchmaker’s workshop with an extensive manufacturing process ranging from the development and manufacturing of the individual components of a watch to its final assembly. The company operates in more than 100 countries around the world. Since its foundation in 1918, CITIZEN has had the belief in “Better Starts Now” – that is, whoever you are and whatever you do, it is always possible to do something better, and now it’s time to start. CITIZEN share this belief and have created watches, invented and improved technologies, and explored the future of watches, such as Eco-Drive technology with light drive and the satellite-controlled Satellite Wave timing system. CITIZEN is looking forward to the future with anticipation but is also working on the continuous improvement of the latest innovations. All these activities are based on the belief that “For every one of CITIZEN employees, the time has come to make this world a better place.” This is the vision of the company that carries the “BETTER STARTS NOW” brand statement. By continuing to build on the achievements and breaking new ground, CITIZEN enables its customers worldwide to wear watches of the highest quality.

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