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In 1875, just as the U.S was marking its golden age of industry & advancement, one visionary leader would rise to inflame a series of iconic moments in the nation’s history & transform the way the world perceived time. Fueled by the era’s risk-taking ethos, Joseph Bulova presented one innovation after the next. Ultimately opening a small store in downtown New York City that would mark the beginning of his lifelong quest: to craft excellent quality timepieces for an ever-changing & dynamic landscape. With a consistent drive for perfection, performance & precision, quality craftsmanship enriched the foundation upon which Joseph Bulova built his brand. But what actually kindled the brand’s continual progress was its vision of invention - pursuing innovation & technology both within the timepiece industry & beyond. Bulova’s unbelievable innovations incorporated everything from establishing standardized production of timepieces to developing the very first completely electronic timepiece with an exclusive tuning-fork based technology making it at the time the most accurate timepiece in the world.

Different Models of Bulova Available

  • Bulova Swiss Made 1980s Day Date Men's Gold Plate And Stainless St Auto Watch Y22
  • Bulova Swiss Made Vintage Beautiful Stainless Steel Men's Automatic Watch J8026
  • Bulova Super Seville Swiss Made Day Date Stainless Steel Automatic Watch J811
  • Bulova N6 Men's Vintage Rare Day-Date Swiss Made Automatic Watch 1970s Scx297
  • Bulova N8 Swiss Made Men's Vintage Automatic Day Date Watch Circa 1970 EB169


  • We hand select only & only the most elegant pre-owned and 100% authentic BULOVA watches.
  • With over 25 years of wisdom and over 10,000+ BULOVA watches sold worldwide, you can buy the best fit timepiece for you with 100% confidence.
  • Our well-skilled technicians clean and service every BULOVA watch by hand to ensure that you receive a premium quality watch that is running great looks fantastic and that you enjoy wearing.
  • We ship your BULOVA watch WORLDWIDE via insured delivery from Beverly Hills, California, USA, directly to your door.
  • IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SATISFIED for any reason, you can return it for an instant full refund.
  • We offer the finest Brands and most varied selection of pre-owned and vintage collectible watches on the web.
  • Our watches are built to last long & so is our contribution to future generations.

Extra Information about Bulova Timepieces?

Bulova discoveries reached beyond the realm of timekeeping alone. Bulova’s pioneering spirit transformed the face of marketing with America’s very first radio & TV commercials. Bulova made advancements in the world of sports with the Phototimer and even transformed transportation through collaborations with Lindbergh & on 46 NASA space missions. During the first moonwalk, a Bulova timer was also placed in the sea of tranquillity. Re-iterating its longstanding dedication to the history of firsts, the Precisionist collection was introduced in 2010. Intricately styled and infinitely accurate, with a continuously sweeping second hand. Recently in 2016, the brand changed the face of the industry with the Curv collection – the world’s very first curved chronograph movement. Today, Bulova is driven by the same core principles of craftsmanship, innovation & technology that guided our visionary founder over 143 years ago. Much like Joseph Bulova, Vintage Watch Collection sets its own standards and creates its own rules - breaking boundaries along the way to deliver the exceptional every time to our customers.

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