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Vintage Omega Watches - Timeless & Classic

Cultured, Respectable, Timeless & Classic, there is something about a vintage watch that makes a statement both about the watch and the person wearing it. Watches come in a variety of styles, functions & sizes. However, recently there has been a shift in trends from the more modern watch that are oversized and colorful back to the more traditional, minimalistic watches of old times. This is where Omega comes in.

Omega has been producing top-quality watches since 1848, and since then, they are committed to innovation and quality. Prominent people throughout history have worn Classic Omega timepieces from movie stars and spies to presidents and kings. Vintage Omegas are exquisite timepieces that are reasonably priced in today’s market; even the most valuable and rare Omegas are within your grasp, financially speaking.

Over the years, Omega has been known as a brand that produces reliable and accurate watches for a vast market. In the early decades, they were leaders in producing class-winning chronometers, in both pocket and wristwatch calibers. Omega was a record holder in many categories and was one of the largest producers of series chronometer movements in the world before the abolition of competition in chronometer trials in the 1970s (until Rolex took that crown). They were also well known for being the official Olympic timekeeper from 1932 onwards and created many innovative sports timing mechanisms over the next few decades.

The Constellation chronometers, the Speedmaster chronographs, and the Seamaster watches - the most significant and best-known Omega models emerged in the 1950s. Today these three models sit at the top level of Omega collection. The company’s real claim to fame, though, came with the selection of the Speedmaster chronograph by NASA for use in the space program in 1965 after a series of grueling tests.

More importantly, in 1969, it became the first watch on the Moon, worn by Buzz Aldrin on the surface (the Great Neil Armstrong left his Omega in the lander as a backup clock, a testament to how much faith they put in Omega).

So, whether you are a novice vintage watch enthusiast or a serious Vintage Watch lover looking for a distinguished watch to suit your style, there is a vintage Omega watch for everyone. Have a look at some of their vintage masterpieces -


  1. Vintage Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster comes in a variety of models dating back to 1948. It is based on the watches Omega designed for the British military towards the end of the Second World War. Additionally, the Seamaster was launched to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary. It is also the oldest line in the current collection.

The year 1957 saw the launch of the professional range of Seamaster watches and the debut of the Seamaster 300. Jacques Cousteau’s team used this watch in the summer of 1963. It has also been made the official watch of the British Special Boat Service as well.

Interestingly, the Seamaster 300 has been an iconic feature in the James Bond movie franchise. Typically, the Seamaster features a stainless steel case and bracelet. The original key element of the Seamaster was an O-shaped ring gasket used to give it its waterproof seal.


  1. Vintage Omega Constellation

The Omega Constellation watch dates back to 1952, and once it was the flagship in the Omega collection. Its production came about after Omega’s limited-edition Omega Centenary collection launched in 1948.

At that time, the demand for the Centenary collection was so high that the brand decided to introduce ‘The Constellation.’ People also considered it to be the new family of automatic chronometer watches.

The initial models featured unique diamond-shaped hour markers. And one characteristic of the vintage Omega Constellation collection stands explicitly; the dials are richly decorated and exhibit golden features throughout the watch, specifically the gold hands, gold dials, gold hour markers, and gold logos and wording.

Another one of the characteristic features of vintage Omega Constellation watches is the pie-pan dials. On the back of every Constellation, the piece is the hand-engraved observatory of Geneva. It can be witnessed through the gold on the stainless steel and gold/steel models of the collection.

The Constellation is always a chronometer watch, the 8 stars on the back case symbolizes the many exploits of Omega in the world chronometer competition. Other defining features of the vintage Constellation include the 10-sided Omega crown, two-tone cases, inwardly curved, soft lugs, and a wide array of case metals including:

  • Yellow-gold
  • Rose-gold
  • Steel
  • White-gold
  • Platinum

Effortlessly wearable and genuinely one of a kind, every vintage watch collection is incomplete without the vintage Omega Constellation.


  1. Vintage Omega Speedmaster

Omega’s history with space exploration began way back in 1962 when a group of astronauts left a watch store in Houston with Omega Speedmasters to use on their upcoming Mercury program flights.

At the end of that program, astronauts approached NASA and asked for watches to use during in-flight training and flight, and the watch that came out winning was the Speedmaster ST 105.003.

 On the historic day of July 21, 1969, it was not Neil Armstrong who debuted the watch on the moon, but it was astronaut Buzz Aldrin who stepped off the Eagle a few minutes after. Thus, the vintage Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the moon. This watch became known as the manual-winding “Moonwatch,” which came to be later known as the Speedmaster Professional.

The Speedmaster, launched in 1957 as a sport and racing chronograph, used the tachymeter ring that encircles the dial inspired the use of the word “Speed” in its name. The first every Speedmaster bore the name “broad arrow” after its hour hand. Two other primary features include a simple baton second hand and a metallic tachymeter bezel with engraved numbers.


  1. Vintage Omega Genève

People often used the Genève as a label for a variety of watches from sporty to dress. However, we all believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thus, the vintage Genève certainly does not lack any of Omega’s world-class craftsmanship.

The dressy vintage Genèves tends to be the most famous watch of the collection thanks to its simple yet classic design and its wider and more prominent dial. Classic models such as the Omega Genève Calendar 1061 are thinner, too, all thanks to the Omega 1030 manually wound movement. This Omega watch expertly blends simplicity with decadence and is sure to bring out the suave in you instantly.


  1. Vintage Omega De Ville

The classic Omega De Ville launched in 1960 as part of the more extensive Seamaster series became independent of the Seamaster line-up. The main goal of the De Ville was to offer an elegant alternative to sporty models. Omega, therefore, continued with the classic, sleek design of the Seamaster. But it made some minor changes to make it more appealing to a wider, younger audience.

The changes included competitive prices, a wide variety of cases – including ovals, squares & rectangles, and exciting designs. Thanks to its streamlined, and varied designs, the De Ville soon became Omega’s fastest-selling collection.

Many famous people have worn the most recognizable Omega watches, with the vintage Omega De Ville being no exception. Case in point, Pope John Paul II wore this particular watch.

This magnificent Omega watch is perfect for those who prefer a more sophisticated style and delivers high-quality watch movements while symbolizing luxury and expert craftsmanship.


  1. Vintage Omega Pocket Watch

Omega’s first chronograph began production in 1898. Within the next ten years, these timepieces experienced usage in more than 16 sporting competitions. Omega became the official timekeeper at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games after winning in all the 6 categories of the 1931 Geneva Observatory trials.

A marvel at the time, the brand’s chronograph was capable of measuring 1/10th of a second (a first for the Olympics). Since the 1932 Olympics, Omega has gone on to be the official timekeeper in several other Olympic Games. In 1952, Omega’s first water-resistant pocket watch first launched and featured a 51mm case.

This particular watch should make the list of many vintage watch collectors as it is difficult to think ‘vintage’ without imagining of gentlemen of a bygone era taking pocket watches out of their well-tailored suits.


Classic Vintage Omega - A Watch for Everyone

Vintage watches can say a lot about the wearer, almost without saying anything at all. From the common man to famous individuals, Omega vintage watches have provided everyone with a masterpiece to suit every style and personality.

There’s also the added benefit of wearing a piece of history. Whatever you are looking for in a watch, there is a vintage watch that can fulfill that and so much more.

There are many vintage Omega watches out there. Each tells its own story and has its place in history. There is a reason why they have stood the test of time, and it looks like vintage watches are here to stay.

So, if you love Vintage Watches, visit Vintage Watch Online. We possess an exciting collection of Vintage Watches and Collectible Timepieces. With over 25 years of experience, and after selling 10,000 luxury watches worldwide, you can surely trust us. Our Luxury Brands incorporate vintage OMEGA, Cartier, Rolex,  Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, IWC, LeCoultre, Piaget, Breitling, Movado, Bucherer, Girard-Perregaux, and the list goes on.

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