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Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Are you bored yet with social isolation? Are you running out of ingredients for quaran-tinis or perhaps craving some retail therapy? There is no need to suffer, online shopping falls within the realm of isolation protocol, and with prices continuously dropping, you could emerge from this mess with a new pre-owned watch to show off when social gatherings become acceptable again.

Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Well, now, one way to get a good return on a watch is by going vintage. Another approach is focusing on some of the cooler, lesser-known brands out there which have yet to take off. In the 2010s, that would have been Omega, but older Cartiers surprisingly offer excellent value as well. If you’re just after an entry-level timepiece, then Seikos are always worth a punt, they can provide you with great investment value.

Besides, many vintage watches are so rare and highly sought-after that their current market prices have reached enormous heights. Plus, the high-end watch market is a reliable investment vehicle for many people. The most well-known and famous example is the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona. When this chronograph first came to the market in the 1960s, it had a slow start, which led Rolex to produce a few examples of this timepiece, which means that there aren't many early examples that still exist today.

Moreover, you should know that the Paul Newman Daytona is one of the most popular vintage watches in the world as this timepiece sold at auction for a record-smashing $17.8 million in 2017, making it the world's most expensive wristwatch. This means that if you want to settle for a Paul Newman Daytona that wasn't previously owned by the very famous actor and race car driver, you'll need at least $117,000.

 Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Vintage Rolex Submariners are also famous collector's items. Rolex models from the 1950s are well known for their record-setting prices. As expected, you have to pay around $93,500 for the ref. 6204 and $46,700 for the ref. 6205. Also, the so-called "Red Sub" is somewhat younger but just as coveted. You have to spend at least $15,200 on this timepiece. However, examples in perfect condition can cost over $35,100. All in all, vintage Rolexes always make fantastic investments.

Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Vintage Watches have become a little less popular with the advent of digital watches, but, as Business Standard puts it, “Old is still gold when it comes to vintage watches.” If you still want to know a little more about vintage watches, go here. Dealers are lowering prices on some models & more treasures are coming in every day, so now is the time to find the watch you’ve been looking for. Read on to know five more reasons to own a vintage watch.


Reasons to Buy a Vintage Watch

Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

  • Rare and coveted models make suitable investments
  • Many older watches are more affordable than new watches
  • Each watch comes with its history & character
  • The perfect accessory for fans of styles from past decades
  • All vintage watches come with a sense of nostalgia


Which Rolex to Buy as an Investment?


Purchasing a Rolex sounds like a fool-proof plan as it’s a high-quality luxury timepiece, which you can cash when times are tough (like right now). With luxury watches, you’re going to want to sell for more than just the material value. But, the problem here is that watches are mechanical devices, which means that the quality of their inner-workings will be taken into account. They are also subject to changes in fashion, and value can also be dictated by market availability as well.

Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Asking which Rolex to buy as an investment is similar to asking which car is best for investing. Most watches lose value the moment they are purchased, and unless you plan to rent out your Rolex regularly, you are going to struggle to make a profit. Nonetheless, here are some Rolexes that are perfect for investing:

  1. 1. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust (ref. 1601)

This is one of the best and the classiest vintage Rolex watches of all time. However, it is essential to note that it comes in two versions. One is made of stainless steel & another is made of gold. Naturally, the gold version is the one to go for. The design behind this watch is so precise that it is nearly perfect. To begin with, it is chronometer-certified and features a sophisticated and efficient movement. Then, it is also waterproof, and, unlike the GMT and Explorer II, this watch’s aesthetic appeal never changes or fades.

 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

The initial Datejust reference 4467, arrived in 1945 to commemorate the 40thanniversary of Rolex, and changed the entire landscape of wristwatches forever.

Being waterproof, self-winding, and displaying a date function (the first watch in the world to do all three) at that time helped it to become the flagship offering from the still relatively young watch company.


 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

By the time the ref. 1601 arrived (in the late 50s), however, the Day-Date had usurped that honor. Yet, this reference enjoyed the longest production run in Datejust’s history; it was finally granted retirement more than 20 years later. Also, it was the one to nail down the look of the Datejust and started the tradition of watches being offered in many different metal, dial color, and bezel combinations.


The Price

You may find the price of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual surprising as a basic Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39, which is a relatively affordable Oyster Perpetual watch for beginners, costs around $5800 nowadays. The price is slightly more than the model without a date display window.

 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Today, with so many Rolex Daejusts being made & sold over its two-decade tenure, the ref. 1601 is undoubtedly among the most affordable of the vintage Rolex watches. More importantly, for you, great examples of this vital chapter in the brand’s story can be had for less than $3,000.

2. Rolex Day-Date (ref. 1803)

  • Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

The Rolex Datejust and the Day-Date were upgraded at or around the same time. The two are very similar in style barring the President’s second calendar complication. Such is the case with the Rolex Day-Date ref. 1803, which was released the same year as the ref. 1601 from above, i.e., 1958. Also, this was only the third reference of the watch since it was introduced a couple of years before, and it too ended up being the longest-serving in the model’s term.

Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Plus, like the Datejust, it was the 1803 that finalized the look & set the Day-Date along the road to its current position as the last word in aspirational watches for the successful & ambitious. And, also the styling has continued almost unchanged to this day. In essence, the only and perhaps the most apparent difference between the modern-day iteration and the older 1803 is the vintage watch’s use of a pie pan dial, featuring a face with a downturned outer edge, just like an inverted dish.

Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Interestingly, the 1803 over its 20-year run, was only available in precious metals, another tradition that still holds. Yet, as a pre-owned or vintage watch to invest, they remain incredibly reasonable. A solid 18k gold piece, on its eponymous President bracelet, can be brought for as little as $8,000 to $10,000.

      1. 3. Rolex Day-Date (ref. 6085)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020
  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020
  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

This year Rolex came correct by adding some more, like the one above. A 36mm Day-Date will always work for you, no matter how tall, short, big, or small you are. If it worked for Tony Soprano, it would work for you.

Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

You and we both have a lot of love for the Day-Date. Whether it is the vintage reference 1803, or one of the newer references or, the more recent Day-Date 40 (referring to its 40mm diameter), the Day-Date is a dream to many. Besides, as an avid watch collector, you know that the President bracelet is one of the most comfortable bracelets ever.

Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

The Price

The Rolex ref. 6085 is an eye-catching Rolex model and is one of the most popular pieces in the series. Besides, if you think that gold is a little bit too much, you can always try another model with a more subtle design yet different from the usual black Rolex. But you might be surprised after knowing the official Rolex prices of these pieces.

Top 21 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

One model of this mind-numbing piece is topped with an 18-carat white gold fluted bezel. This beauty is priced at $5190. Of course, there are still many other rare models in the Day-Date series that cost much higher than expected; you can invest in those watches too.


      1. 4. The Rolex Oysterdate Precision (ref. 6694)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020
  • The Rolex Oysterdate Precision
  • The Rolex Oysterdate Precision

The Oysterdate first came onto the scene in the 1960s and remained one of the brand’s lesser-known series until it was discontinued in the late 80s.

Sometimes, you can confuse the Oysterdate Precision with the Oyster Perpetual Datejust and other Oyster Perpetual ranges, which is something of an oddity in the Rolex canon. But, what many people don’t know is that the lack of a ‘Perpetual’ label in its name points to the fact that it was one of the incredibly rare examples from the crown that was not self-winding. Moreover, the lack of any chronometer certification text on its dial simply means that the watch was not certified. Further, to gain a chronometer status, a watch has to undergo some particularly unforgiving tests for accuracy. And this is done at The Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute or the COSC. Only those proving to keep reliable time between -4/+6 seconds a day can wear this prestigious badge.

The manual-winding distinction in the Oysterdate sets it apart from just about everything else that has passed through the Rolex gates since it is, and always will be a manually-wound timepiece. Incredibly, even as Rolex invented the perpetual, self-winding movement, the Oysterdate Precision (ref. 6694) was never fitted with an automatic caliber, even towards the end of its production in the late 1980s. Instead, this Oysterdate timepiece had ‘Precision’ marked on its dial, a small but easily missed detail beloved by hardcore watch collectors. Although the Oysterdate Precision 6694 is still a great entry-level watch.

Surprisingly, a watchmaker as modern & progressive as Rolex kept a manually wound movement on its books until so recently. The Rolex Daytona needed a far more complicated chronograph engine in that decade, but it was eventually the El Primero that was granted to it.

But, in fact, surprisingly though to some, this straightforwardness only added to the Oysterdate’s charm. In an ever more automated world, for some, still, there is a real fascination in doing something as nostalgic as winding a beautifully made watch.

With its non-chronometer, manually wound movement, and all-steel construction, the Oysterdate hits a price point that makes it an excellent entry-level Rolex investment.

The 6694 can represent the first buy-in to the brand for a burgeoning collector of vintage watches. This model manages to be very affordable and easily accessible on the pre-owned market (including our online store), but so unfamiliar amongst even knowledgeable enthusiasts that it’s unlikely you’ll come across many in the wild.

Although by modern standards, this Oysterdate Precision’s 34mm case sounds particularly small. It wears somewhat more prominent on the wrist, perhaps because of the austerity of the dial. With practically no text beyond the Rolex name and the single ‘Precision’ line, it's largely blank surface area evokes slightly more presence.

But its most appealing aspect is in its appeal across the sexes. While it may have started as a man’s watch, the Oysterdate looks equally at home on women’s wrists.

When called upon, Rolex can produce pretty complicated watches as well. Still, they did not build their name with the kind of eminently simple, effortlessly elegant timepieces that could be worn 100 years from now without looking outdated.

The Oysterdate ref. 6694  is one such watch. It is as basic as a Rolex could be, but it still possesses the brand’s faultless lineage behind it. Also, as you might expect, some models in the Oysterdate lineup shout for attention, the sparse design of the 6694 barely gets above a whisper.

Finally, the ref. 6694 is modest in both size & style, and is for those who want an unassuming, reliable timepiece with an impeccable pedigree and are mostly content with being the ones who own a Rolex.



      1. 5. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King (ref. 5500)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Even after receiving far less attention than the Day-Date, the GMT-Master, or the Submariner, the Rolex Air-King is still one of Rolex’s oldest collections of watches, with a fascinating history that spans over 70 years of near-continuous production.

While you can get their hands on an Air-King ref. 5500 if they’ve got a couple thousand bucks to spare. Indeed, that’s part of this humble watch’s charm, and sporadic and exciting examples like this one are hard to find nowadays. Royal crests, company logos, and jeweler stamps, and rare early versions all provide exciting areas of exploration for avid watch collectors and vintage watch enthusiasts to pick up an affordable vintage Rolex with some provenance. Now, here is an essential piece of information for you; The Air-King offers an accessible avenue to dive into vintage Rolex with limited risk and investment.

The Air-King ref. 5500 has all the hallmark traits of a Rolex, without possessing a single extra feature. The screw-down case, in-house movement & Oyster bracelet of Rolex ref. 5500 can undoubtedly provide you with all the defining characteristics of a Rolex, and that too wrapped up is possibly one of the most versatile packages that the company has ever put forward.

At 34mm in diameter, the Air-King’s modest size makes it of the best unisex watch, well-suited for both men and women. Further, its minimalistic good looks guarantee that it never goes out of style. However, it is not as iconic and instantly recognizable as some other Rolex models; the Rolex Air-King has still become a go-to favorite for watch enthusiasts seeking a classic Rolex that can quickly fly under the radar.


When you’re a newbie to the vintage watches world and feel intimidated by Rolex prices, this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King’s price can sound a little steep to you, but keep in mind, it's excellent for investing. The current retail price is around $3850, which is comparatively affordable. Plus, it’s simple, yet classic design and the rugged, iconic Oystersteel makes it an excellent choice for new collectors.

The Rolex Air-King 5500 is a well-known model in the collection’s vintage series, as it features a more modern and sporty design. Additionally, the gold piece has a relatively lower price than other gold Rolexes, and it sells for around $4488. The new Rolex Air-King is also an affordable option amongst the Oyster Perpetual Rolex prices list. This is quite a small difference between both Rolex prices,  and considering this aviator’s watch’s functions and cost, first-time buyers of Rolex, should purchase it to start their collection or perhaps their investment.

      1. 6. Vintage Rolex Cellini (ref. 3833)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Rolex watches are always the most recognized, high-profile timepieces available anywhere in the world. When the occasion calls for you to dress-up, look no further than the Cellini line of elegant dress watches. Here’s what you need to know about Cellini timepieces. They are known for their refined elegance and simplicity, and they continue that tradition. Each Model or family is named for the information it conveys: Time, Date, & Dual Time, and names are as pure as the watches themselves.

Though the families differ based on the degree of mechanical complication, they share several attributes. The cases for this timepiece are available exclusively in 18k white gold or Everose gold that has been cast by Rolex in its foundry. And, at 39 mm, the cases are perfectly sized for modern dress watches. Moreover, you should know that each case is topped by a two-tier bezel one smooth and the other with the trademark Rolex fluting. Fluting of similar style provides functional decoration on the case-back, and a unique tool grips the fluting to access the self-winding, COSC-certified Rolex Manufacture mechanical movements inside.

The Vintage Cellini models represent the perfect blend of classic watchmaking with stylized, elongated Roman numerals. Plus, it also has stretched applique hour markers divided by a minute track that is positioned toward the center of the dial, and closer to the tips of the hands. And the faceted, sword-shaped hands, count off the hours, minutes and seconds with the precision of the self-winding chronometer movement. Each version’s price starts from approx—$ 3,200. 

      1. 7. Rolex Thunderbird Datejust (ref. 1625)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

The Rolex Men's Oyster Perpetual Datejust 1625 is an ideal watch for adventure-seeking individuals looking for an elegant, yet versatile watch. The Rolex Thunderbird comes in many different models that have been developed throughout the years. This creates the perfect opportunity to find a unique Rolex Datejust that inspires your soul.

This brilliant looking Rolex Thunderbird Datejust is built explicitly for precision & convenience, with its automatic winding technology, 31 jewel powered movement, and stylish Thunderbird bezel with a Rolex champagne dial. Before procuring a Vintage Rolex Thunderbird Datejust price to fit a particular budget should undoubtedly know that a Rolex Datejust’s value depends on precious metals, year released, and the number of watches made. But, one thing is for sure, this is one of the most gorgeous looking Rolex ever, which makes it great for investment.


Why do all Rolex watches hold their value so well?


The perfect reason for this is that Rolex is the brand everybody on our planet knows about. Many brands might go on & on about the pecking order, but Rolex is the one to put the wristwatch on the watch map. And as you might expect, it was the first brand to develop a water-resistant case. Well, in short, you can say that Rolex has always been adamant about quality. Not many people know, for instance, that all Rolex watches must now conform to the reasonably new stringent manufacturing tolerances of +2/-2 seconds a day. This kind of accuracy is well above the standard COSC chronometry requirements, and the fact is that Rolex does not cut corners and has invested tremendously in its business. They even have a 3D X-ray machine to check every single link of every unique bracelet, and many people know about this.

This is one of the primary reasons behind people love and respect Rolexes because the brand has never sold out to its customers. The family resemblance of their collections is consistent, and yet the models don’t look tired and out of date, and that is something people always appreciate.


Also, you should understand that at the end of the day, the intrinsic value of a watch lies in the enjoyment it brings you. A watch should be worn and enjoyed, and become a reflection of your personality & taste. If your watch is well looked after, it will make it through several generations and obtain the patina of a priceless object or a classic vintage object.


Why is a Rolex Watch a Good Investment?


rare watch from 1942 was just sold at auction for $1.2 million. That watch was, of course, a Rolex. So, if you’re looking for the top-tier in watches, a Rolex simply can’t be beaten. As people develop a greater awareness and appreciation for luxury timepieces and begin to look for investments that hinder inflation & volatile markets, rare or vintage watches have become a better investment than jewelry; perhaps they have become an investment strategy. Well, here’s why:


They Always Increase in Value:

      A Rolex, world-famous for its craftsmanship, traditionally increases in value by 
5-15 percent annually
      . Depending on the specific timepiece, your investment could double in value in 5-10 years. Of course, the more rare, vintage, and prestigious a watch is, the higher the investment returns.



They’re a Functional Investment:
      One thing many investors love about a Rolex is that it does not need to be stored in a bank, safe, locker, or vault; a Rolex can be enjoyed while it’s earning you money! Many Americans have become dismayed by how little their money is making in the bank, so they have opted to invest in Rolexes, which not only hold their value, but can also be shown off. These luxury pieces are functional, beautiful, and prestigious. Plus, they are enjoyed by both men & women, and even passed on as heirlooms to the next generation, and they are worn and loved by many people while they are incurring a higher price.



They’re growing in Demand:
      More countries across the world are amassing more wealth; thus, the demand for luxury items like a Rolex is increasing. This is especially true in India, Russia, China, and Latin American countries, due to rising incomes, growing aspirations, and heightened awareness of international trends.


According to the World Watch Report 2014, the overall global interest in watches grew 5.7 percent, the most significant percentage of growth coming from China. And demand is highest for the most well-known watch brands of them all, i.e., Rolex.


Brand New vs. Pre-Owned


Example of a New vs. Used Rolex Price Comparison

Initially, you might think that a brand new Rolex model is a better investment than a used or vintage model. But, a brand new watch loses a substantial amount of value the moment it is purchased, just like with a car. Therefore, in actuality, your initial Rolex investment might not depreciate if you buy or invest in a used model.

This is because a Vintage Rolex has already experienced the most significant drop-off in value before you purchase it. For this reason, a second-hand steel sport Rolex can be one of the safest bets for investments.

Besides, you can purchase a used Rolex from us through eBay or Chrono24. However, if you want a guarantee that you are buying an authentic Rolex, you should visit our online store at: and buy from there.


Why Buy Classic Rolex Watches From Vintage Watch Online?


  • With over 25 years of experience and after selling over 10,000 Rolex watches worldwide, we make sure that you can buy the best timepiece for you with 100% confidence.
  • We hand select only the most elegant pre-owned and 100% authentic Rolex watches.
  • If you are not feeling 100% satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.
  • We offer all the top Brands and most distinctive selection of pre-owned and vintage collectible watches on the internet.
  • Our watches are built to last long & this is our contribution to future generations.
  • Our well-skilled technicians clean and service every Classic Rolex watch by hand to make sure that you receive a premium quality watch that runs smoothly, looks fantastic and that you will enjoy wearing.
  • We ship your Pre-owned and vintage Rolex watches WORLDWIDE via insured delivery from Beverly Hills, California, USA, directly to your home.



Top Omega Vintage Watches to Invest In


Omega has been producing top-quality watches since 1848, and since then, they are committed to innovation and quality. Prominent people throughout history have worn Classic Omega timepieces from movie stars and spies to presidents and kings. Vintage Omegas are exquisite timepieces that are reasonably priced in today’s market; even the most valuable and rare Omegas are within your grasp, financially speaking.

Over the years, Omega has been known as a brand that produces reliable and accurate watches for a vast market. In the early decades, they were leaders in producing class-winning chronometers, in both pocket and wristwatch calibers. Omega was a record holder in many categories. And it was one of the largest producers of series chronometer movements in the world before the abolition of chronometer trials in the 1970s (until Rolex took that crown). They were also well known for being the official Olympic timekeeper from 1932 onwards and created many innovative sports timing mechanisms over the next few decades.

The Constellation chronometers, the Speedmaster chronographs, & the Seamaster watches - the most significant and best-known Omega models emerged in the 1950s. Today these three models sit at the top level of Omega collection. The company’s real claim to fame, though, came with the selection of the Speedmaster chronograph by NASA for use in the space program in 1965 after undergoing a series of grueling tests.

More importantly, in 1969, it became the first watch on the Moon, worn by Buzz Aldrin on the surface (the Great Neil Armstrong left his Omega in the lander as a backup clock, a testament to how much faith they put in Omega).

So, whether you are a novice vintage watch enthusiast or a serious Vintage Omega Watch lover looking for a watch to suit your style, there is a vintage Omega watch for everyone. Now, it’s time to have a look at some of their vintage masterpieces and perhaps the best Omega Watches to Invest In –

  1. 8. Vintage Omega Speedmaster (176.0015/376.0804)

 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Omega’s history with space exploration began way back in 1962 when a group of astronauts left a watch store in Houston with Omega Speedmasters to use on their upcoming Mercury program flights.

At the end of that program, astronauts approached NASA & asked for watches to use during in-flight training and flight, and the watch that came out winning was the Speedmaster ST 105.003.

On the historic day of July 21, 1969, it was not Neil Armstrong who debuted the watch on the moon, but it was astronaut Buzz Aldrin who stepped off the Eagle a few minutes after. Thus, the vintage Speedmaster was the first-ever watch worn on the moon. This watch became known as the manual-winding ‘Moonwatch,’which came to be later known as the Speedmaster Professional.

The Speedmaster, launched in 1957 as a sport and racing chronograph, used the tachymeter ring that encircled the dial and inspired the use of the word ‘Speed’ in its name. The first ever Speedmaster bore the name ‘broad arrow’ after its hour hand. Two other primary features include a simple baton second hand and a metallic tachymeter bezel with engraved numbers.

Omega released the first Speedmaster in conjunction with the Seamaster 300 and the Railmaster way back in 1957. Interestingly, the original Speedmaster bears the reference number CK2915, but is not a Moonwatch. The Omega Speedmaster ref. CK2915 is so rare today that its prices have risen astronomically. One of the earliest examples is from 1958, where it was sold at an auction for a record $275,508, making it the most expensive Speedmaster of all time.


Omega Speedmaster Price


If you're interested in this watch, be prepared to spend around $13,200. You can purchase some references for as little as $9,200. The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch is easily the most sought-after model by avid vintage Omega watch collectors. Models from the late 1950s & 1960s are particularly popular, and a budget of $10,000 to $20,000 will yield a good quality example from this era. Prices for this timepiece come around $29,200. If you like the style and the story but aren’t as concerned with obtaining a significant reference, some common examples of the Omega Moon Watch can be acquired for between $3,000 to $6,000.

  1. Vintage Omega Seamaster (590911)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020
  • >

The Omega Seamaster comes in a variety of models dating back to 1948. It is based on the watches Omega designed for the British military towards the end of the Second World War. Additionally, Omega launched Seamaster to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary. It is also the oldest line in the current collection.

The year 1957 saw the launch of the professional range of Seamaster watches and the debut of the Seamaster 300. Jacques Cousteau’s team used this watch in the summer of 1963, and it was also made the official watch of the British Special Boat Service as well.

Interestingly, the Seamaster 300 has been an iconic feature in the James Bond movie franchise. Typically, the Seamaster features a stainless steel case and bracelet. The original key element of the Seamaster was an O-shaped ring gasket used to give it its waterproof seal.


Omega Seamaster Price

Given the incredible breadth & width of Omega watches available today, pricing varies widely, ranging from a few thousand dollars up to tens of thousands for rare editions for you to invest. As a general rule of thumb, a budget of $4,000 to $5,000 should be sufficient to acquire a quality Vintage Omega Seamaster in good condition.

  1. Vintage Omega Constellation (2582-1)

 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

The Omega Constellation watch dates back to 1952, and once it was the flagship in the Omega collection. Its production came after Omega’s limited-edition Omega Centenary collection launched in 1948.

At that time, the demand for the Centenary collection was so high that the brand decided to introduce ‘The Constellation.’ People also considered it to be the new family of automatic chronometer watches.

The initial models featured unique diamond-shaped hour markers. And one characteristic of the vintage Omega Constellation collection stands explicitly; the dials are richly decorated and exhibit golden features throughout the watch, specifically the gold hands, gold dials, gold hour markers, and gold logos and wording.

Another essential characteristic of vintage Omega Constellation watches - the pie-pan dials. On the back of every Constellation, the piece is the hand-engraved observatory of Geneva. It can be witnessed through the gold on the stainless steel and gold/steel models of the collection.

The Vintage Omega Constellation was always a chronometer watch. Interestingly, the 8 stars on the back case symbolizes the many exploits of Omega in the world chronometer competition.


Other defining features of the Vintage Omega Constellation include the 10-sided Omega crown, two-tone cases, inwardly curved, soft lugs, and a wide array of case metals including:

  • Yellow-gold
  • Rose-gold
  • Steel
  • White-gold
  • Platinum

Effortlessly wearable and genuinely one of a kind, every vintage watch collection is incomplete without the vintage Omega Constellation.

Omega Constellation Price

The Omega Constellation series - popular among both men and women alike, is a slightly more accessible line of Omega watches. A budget between $2,000 to $3,000 will allow for a reasonably wide selection, although you can expect to pay more for gold cases or precious stones. 

  1. Vintage Omega Genève (145.009)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020
  • >

People often used the Genève as a label for a variety of watches from sporty to dress. However, we all believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thus, the vintage Genève certainly does not lack any of Omega’s world-class craftsmanship.

The dressy vintage Genèves tends to be the most famous watch of the Vintage Omega collection thanks to its simple yet classic design and its broader and more prominent dial. Classic models such as the Omega Genève Calendar 1061 are thinner, too, all thanks to the Omega 1030 manually wound movement.

This Omega watch expertly blends simplicity with decadence and is sure to bring out the suave in you instantly. 


  1. Vintage Omega De Ville (Ref: LV318)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

The classic Omega De Ville launched in 1960 as part of the more extensive Seamaster series became independent of the Seamaster line-up. The main goal of the De Ville was to offer an elegant alternative to sporty models. Omega, therefore, continued with the classic, sleek design of the Seamaster. But it made some minor changes to make it more appealing to a broader, younger audience.

The changes included competitive prices, a wide variety of cases – including ovals, squares & rectangles, and exciting designs. Thanks to its streamlined and varied designs, the De Ville soon became Omega’s fastest-selling collection.

Many famous people have worn the most recognizable Omega watches, with the vintage Omega De Ville being no exception. Case in point, Pope John Paul II wore this particular watch.

This magnificent Omega watch is perfect for those who prefer a more sophisticated style and delivers high-quality watch movements while symbolizing luxury and expert craftsmanship.

With a broad range of options available for him & her, collectors can find a quality Omega De Ville for a variety of $2,000 to $4,000.


Why does Tudor offer the best value watches for your hard-earned money?


It seems like in the recent past; everything went according to the way of the Swiss watch brand, Tudor. Creator of some of the hottest and most trending watches currently on the market, the company recently announced English football legend and global fashion icon David Beckham as it's Brand Ambassador as part of its ‘Born to Dare’ campaign. Throw exceptional investment value & in-house production capabilities into the mix, and it’s not hard to see why Tudor is the brand everyone is talking about recently.

However, it wasn’t always like this. Since it was incepted in 1946, Tudor enjoyed early success thanks to its unique positioning. The idea behind the brand was relatively simple; the famous Hans Wilsdorf, creator of Rolex, wanted to launch a new watch brand that would offer the precision & reliability of a Rolex but be much more affordable. Although, this happened several decades later when Rolex had already established its popularity, paving the way for Tudor to dominate the lower end of the market by deploying a similar strategy.

The idea was a hit. The association with Rolex gave Tudor instant credibility. At the same time, Tudor invested heavily in technological developments such as the waterproof Oyster case and adopted a self-winding movement that would allow it to carve out its niche as a brilliant standalone brand. And so, for the next 30-40 years, things went along pretty swimmingly. And for the very same reason, Tudor Watches are excellent for investing your hard-earned money. Have a look below to know about two of the best VintageTudorWatches to invest -


  1. Vintage Tudor Prince Oysterdate (ref.74033)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

You might have heard of or seen this Tudor Prince Oysterdate timepiece. During the 1970s, the integrated case and bracelet look, defined by Gerald Genta with his Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet & Nautilus for Patek Philippe, became hugely popular.

Even as Rolex ignored this, Tudor had no such qualms. It launched an exciting range of watches that had an integrated bracelet and a new case shape. The most famous example of these case shapes is the Ranger 2, but another watch that had this case was the Tudor Prince Oysterdate. The watch was available in both gold plate & steel, plus it featured a bi-directional bezel that was very similar to the Submariner.

Measuring 38mm across, these were hybrid dress/sports watches in the same vein as the Rolex Turnograph Datejust. Most of the examples you might have seen have blue or maroon dials and bezels, but there are some rare variations out there. The Price ranges between $3000-4000, so get on investing, as they will always make a worthy investment.

  1. Vintage Tudor Prince Day-Date Automatic (ref.7017/0)

  •  Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Vintage Tudor wristwatches invite the obvious comparison to Rolex, which is fair, as Tudor is, after all, a subsidiary of the world’s most famous watchmaker. Still, the two always differed in terms of movements, advertising, and audience, and these differences thrill the collectors till date. This men's Tudor Prince Oysterdate 7996 stainless steel automatic, c.1968, has a Rolex-made case and proprietary Rolex innovations in the movement, lending Rolex heft to Tudor value.


Vintage Comeback

Since its beginning in 1946, Tudor was designed to be the common man’s alternative to its higher-priced sister, Rolex. Although, relatively new Tudor collectors may not realize that Rolex pulled Tudor from the US market for a while around the turn of the millennium. So, unless you knew someone who had a Tudor or you traveled overseas, most American collectors & watch enthusiasts had little contact with Tudor watches during that time. However, Tudor re-launched in the US during the summer of 2013 with an impressive collection of vintage-inspired watches. And this brought the vintage Tudor look back in the spotlight.


A Stainless Alternative

Tudor used Rolex cases & crowns during the 1950s and 60s, but another immediate difference between the two is their weight. In essence, Rolex Day-Dates are always heavier because Rolex only made them in precious metal. But, at that time, only Tudor offered the Date in steel, which makes sense given its mass appeal. Rolex once said, the Day-Date has been worn by more presidents, leaders, and luminaries than any other watch, and it’s nicknamed the ‘President’; by comparison, this steel Tudor is also known as the ‘Jumbo.’

Finally, since the 1950s & 60s or for the past 50 years, these Tudor Prince Oysterdates & Tudor Prince Day Dates have yielded in a lot of value to their owners. Cut to 2020; they still hold a resale value that will make you giddy. Plus, these watches are not the ones that’ll burn a big hole in your pocket. So, you should invest in one by buying the best-selling Vintage Tudor Watches here.


  1. Buying used Vacheron & Constantin watches at favorable prices (ref.6483)

 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Luxury watches by Vacheron & Constantin stand for utmost elegance and precision. The models Vacheron & Constant in Geneve Manual and Vacheron & Constantin Bumper Automatic belong to the coveted watches from our selection. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific model or if you should have special requests concerning the strap of your dream watch.


A Vacheron Constantin offers extraordinary value


Ahead of every auction, sometimes people ask us, ‘Which brand offers the best value these days?’ And more often than not, our answer: Vacheron & Constantin. Whether vintage or modern, Vacheron & Constantin will offer you an excellent investment in terms of design, complications, workmanship, & heritage. For these reasons, collectors love the house of Vacheron Constantin at auctions for the gorgeous examples that it surfaces with each time. 


They will only appreciate in value


If you want value, you’ve got it. Vacheron Constantin’s vintage models have enjoyed noticeably at auction in recent years, showing that the market for these stunning timepieces is growing. It’s a safe bet then, that if you invest now, your watch will only become more sought-after. It is often said that a magnificent vintage Vacheron Constantin timepiece can usually be bought for less than half the price of its Patek Philippe equivalent. This still holds in most cases. Take, for example, the men's 18K solid gold Vacheron & Constantin bumper automatic, c.1950s, which can be bought for approximately $4600, compared to its nearest equivalent at Patek Philippe costing two to three times as much, or more, at an auction.



5 Reasons to Buy a Vintage Watch from Vacheron & Constantin


  • It is amongst the most renowned Swiss watch manufacturers.
  • Exceptional quality: Many models come with a Geneva Seal.
  • The world's most complicated pocket watch with mind-numbing 57 complications.
  • The top models come with a tourbillon, minute repeater, and a perpetual calendar.



The Finest Swiss Watchmaking – The best reason to invest In a Vacheron Constantin Watch


Flawless & precise, these two words perfectly describe watches from Vacheron Constantin. The wrist watches from this Swiss manufacturer are some of the most exquisite timepieces the world has to offer. This is why Vacheron is one of the "Big Three" Swiss watch brands, along with Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. These three manufacturers represent fine craftsmanship of the highest quality.


  1. Patek Philippe Calatrava (ref.2591)The Best Vintage Philippe Watch to Invest

 Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Every collection needs a beautiful dress watch, so why not splurge on a Patek Philippe Calatrava? This watch oozes with vintage elegance and simplicity, a kind of aesthetic that Patek Philippe has truly mastered. While you’re probably familiar with the watch, you may not realize that when it was released back in 1932, the Calatrava set the standard for what a dress watch should be: timeless, simple, and impeccably crafted.

Of course, Patek still makes this watch today, but the early models are unique to own because of their history. When it comes to choosing what you’d like, you’ll be surprised to know older models can be found with a good deal of variation. And while gold is decidedly dressy and probably best embodies the spirit of vintage Patek Philippe, the vintage steel models are extremely coveted for their rarity.


  1. Vintage Piaget Watches (ref. 12603)

Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Piaget Watches are known for its extensive range of iconic timepieces. With all Piaget designs and watch movements developed & produced in-house, Piaget has been recognized by many as one of the leading luxury Swiss watchmakers. Piaget’s founder, Georges-Edouard Piaget's motto, was "Always do better than necessary," which has always been reflected both in the company's ambition and style.

Explore our curated selection of Vintage pre-owned luxury watches from Piaget. With both male & female designs and styles available to choose from, discover classic models such as the Piaget Automatic and the 18k solid gold midsize Piaget ref.904 manual hand-wind dress watch, c.1970s, as well as a rare selection of stunningly different timepieces. Whether you're after gold, silver, or a new unique diamond design, we have several options available with us, all to flatter your desired look and feel.

  1. Vintage Breitling Watches (ref. 1188)

Vintage classic, men's 18K gold Breitling Cadette ref.1188 chronograph, c.1950s stands out because of its size. With a diameter of 38.5 millimeters, it is significantly larger than the usual Breitling chronographs from that time. It dates from the 1950s and is therefore in excellent condition. The dial has almost taken on a kind of 'salmon' color, which harmonizes well with the gold-plated case. Plus, the watch is in technically perfect condition and is checked by our master watchmaker for accuracy, power reserve, and authenticity before sale. We also possess many other Breitling watches; you can view all of them here.

Moreover, you might not know that, Breitling, more so than any other Swiss watch brand, is associated with aviation. Breitling may also have the distinction of introducing the first and most well-known ‘tool’ watches, designed for a specific function, particularly as adjunct instruments or as a pilots watch for all private, commercial & military pilots.

Also, you might be aware of the fact that some of Breitling’s most well-known and collectible vintage models typically include the Navitimer, Chronomat,  and 24-hour Cosmonature version. These, along with the very scarce and desirable AVI (Avigation) and Co-Pilot models, all from the 1950s & 60’s era. These large aviator chronographs are extremely helpful and, more importantly, have seen huge increases in value in recent years. Plus, many other classic Breitling models have been introduced in more contemporary versions. Pre-owned examples of these more contemporary models can be purchased at a reasonable rate with discounts and represent excellent value in modern sporty chronograph and diver’s models. This eventually makes them a worthy investment.

  1. Vintage Seiko Watches (ref. 6138)

  • Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

A rare classic, men's Seiko ref.6138 ‘UFO’ day-date automatic chronograph, c.1970s is one of the earliest releases in the 6138 line and has been lovingly coined the ‘UFO’ by vintage Seiko fans – a tribute to its vaguely 'out of space' case shape and tendency to ‘float’ on the wrist with its hidden lugs. Sometimes referred to by Seiko as the ‘Yachtsman,’ this colorful chronograph is a favorite amongst collectors. This specific Seiko 6138-0011 UFO can be dated in August 1977 through the serial number

The Seiko 6138 line of chronographs, when released, were affordable watches, and consequently, they weren’t treated with much care. It also means that most vintage examples of Seiko timepieces are well-used, and quite a  few of them have gone through some type of restoration or polishing.

Moving on, the most crucial aspect of buying a used Seiko ref. 6138 is ensuring that the movement has been recently serviced and is working well. The cost of maintaining a vintage 6138 movement can be steep, so take care when choosing a second-hand model. The second most important aspect of buying or investing in these watches used is to inspect the case and ensure that no over-polishing has occurred.

The hallmark of 6138 design was the complex cases, with their blend of finishes and subtle curves and sharp lines. It’s effortless for a clumsy polishing job to destroy the delicate edges and facets that make these watches so attractive.

Lastly, several aftermarket parts are currently available for this model. The mineral crystal, for instance, is very easy to source, so don’t be put off when buying a used Vintage model that has a scratched or damaged crystal. 

  1. Vintage Ulysse Nardin Watches (LV528BRN)

  • Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Vintage Ulysse Nardin watches are quite a specialty of ours, and we always try to have a collection of immaculate examples for sale from the glory days of this famous LeLocle house. While responsible for some of the most magnificent vintage timepieces ever made in Switzerland, Ulysse Nardin has always remained a niche brand. Why, because their volume of production always was, and still is, much lower than that of the major houses like Rolex, Omega, Jaeger LeCoultre, and others.

While it is something of a cliché, there is truth in the statement that a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce has become the must-have car brand for many premiership footballers, who recently became wealthy. Similarly, Rolex is the ubiquitous watch for the self-made man. But, Ulysse Nardin has far more subtle, older money connotations and occupies a place in the horological world that is similar to that of the Bristol in the motoring sphere. As a result, we have a great deal of enthusiasm for these watches.

While new watches from Ulysse Nardin were always prohibitively expensive for most of the population, and the number of retailers that deal with these items was minimal. Accordingly, they are difficult to source today, and for every twenty Rolex Oysterdate watches you might see, if you’re lucky, you might manage to locate a single vintage Ulysse Nardin.

So, not surprisingly at all, they always sell quickly and make an outstanding choice for buyers who want to purchase something that is superbly made, but is a little less conspicuous or rather understated than the output of the household name brands.

This particular Luxurious classic, men's gold-capped Ulysse Nardin Chronometer date automatic, c.1950s (LV528BRN), possesses a gold plated case with an accurate, stainless steel back. Interestingly, all the top tier brands, including Rolex, Omega, Breitling, and IWC, offered gold plate versions in the 1960s and ‘70s. In contrast, today, they tend to supply only steel and solid gold watches, without the intermediate stage of gold-capped or plated. The price of this watch is $2300.

Further back, in the pre-World War II era (the 1930s perhaps), silver cased wristwatches were on sale, but by the end of the great war in 1945, these had noticeably dropped from the market. It was fascinating to see how both taste and economics played a part in the watch industry at that time. And, in some instances, these things even dictated the choice of metal used in particular countries or regions wherever these watches were exported.

When you acquire a vintage Ulysse Nardin watch, you can be sure that its mechanism is of the highest possible quality. The company is quite rightly regarded as being responsible for some of the most exceptional wristwatch mechanisms to come out of Switzerland. Besides, a well preserved classic Vintage Ulysse Nardin movement from the 1950s and ‘60s is a vital inclusion in any collection that attempts to chart the high points of the Swiss luxury watch industry over the last century.

Over the last decade, though, there has been an enormous increase in Ulysse Nardin’s profile and a dramatic rise in the values of its vintage watches. However, examples like this one still represent remarkably good value for money, simply because they fly under the radar of the general public at large, who are not that familiar with the Ulysse Nardin’s name.

Without a doubt, Ulysse Nardin occupies a more exotic position in the minds of experienced Vintage Watch collectors than that of Longines or Omega. Yet, you would struggle to find a similar early 1960s model by either of these brands at this price level. This is a beautiful, extremely high-quality vintage watch that will appeal to you as a sophisticated buyer who wants a rare item in immaculate condition that will not be immediately recognized by the man in the street.


  1. Vintage Longines Watches (ref. 9026)

  • Vintage Watches to Invest in 2020

Do you have a passion for Vintage luxury watches and love to wear a well-made timepiece on your wrist? Or maybe you appreciate the dedicated craftsmanship of a beautiful, Swiss-made piece? If that’s true, then you should look at watches made by Longines, a luxury watch brand with over 140 years of experience in the watchmaking industry. Longines is a pretty well known Swiss watch brand based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, since 1832. Also, it is a member of the Swatch Group Ltd.

Vintage Longines watches can be considered as the epitome of the classic dress watch. Their Heritage line of watches has risen from the ashes. But, a keen collector knows how to search. And the stream starts from high up in the Alpen heights of the Conquest models from the 1950s & 60s.

What's so special about this watch?

The Longines Conquest line of watches represent a dress watches series which is respectable more than anything else. Fitted with the best that Longines had to offer in terms of design and movement, the Vintage Longines ref. 9026 is amongst the most impressive dress watches you can find at an affordable price point. This particular reference has two things that make it stand out - the specific date at 12'O, and the inner ‘railroad’ ring.

Why should you invest In Longines Watches?


  • Longines Watches Symbolizes Success

Those who sport a luxury Vintage Longines watch exude qualities of style, workmanship, and professionalism. Watches like these are considered a status symbol and are particularly prevalent in the business world.

Besides the features mentioned, Vintage Longines timepieces also include an impressive movement as well as a black quality rubber strap, for adequate comfort of the wearer. You can procure this around $1100.

  • Longines Watches Have Amazing Features

Like luxurious cars, luxury watches from Longines also possess incredible value. Naturally, of course, this value will eventually increase, but it all depends on the model you buy. Instead of spending your money on a wardrobe that will soon become out of fashion, buying a Longines watch can be a wise investment. Just try to keep it in excellent condition and keep its box and documentation safe.

Moreover, the cases of this luxury watch use high-quality stainless steel that comes in various sizes like 41mm & 43mm for the three-handers & 42mm or 44mm for the chronograph. It is also a perfect watch to wear at night thanks to its black carbon dial & nine applied bar indexes treated with Super-Lumi-Nova. Further, it is water-resistant up to 50-meters. To get this kind of a fantastic timepiece, one needs to invest around $1125.

  • Legacy & Heritage

Since 1832, or a mind-boggling 140 years, Longines has maintained its legacy & heritage both in terms of quality & design. The company has ensured that its models are updated according to the continuously transforming market demands and, more importantly, new technology. Consequently, over the years, they have released several watches with advanced features.

Because of its large black-colored Hindu-Arabic numerals, many of the Longines automatic models are not only strikingly beautiful but also easy to read. Its magnificent and subtle blued steel hour, minute, and seconds hands also provide a brilliant contrast to the silver dial. Also, you can elegantly wear this beautiful watch at any official functions and parties.


 Now, you know about which watch to invest in 2020 and why. All of these watches are worthy of your investment, so we suggest that you just click on the link given with each of these 21 watches and start buying these investment-worthy Vintage Watches.

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