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And while personal preferences play a part in this, picking the right size in both diameter of the watch’s case, and its thickness and fit are essential



There’s nothing better looking than a properly fitting watch.

And while personal preferences play a part in this, picking the right size in both diameter of the watch’s case, and its thickness and fit are essential aspects to consider when it comes to choosing a timepiece that complements your wrist.

Here are a few sizing guidelines you’ll want to think about before purchasing a new wristwatch:




1.The watch case diameter: Most men’s watches range from 38mm to 46mm. That’s because anything larger looks extremely flashy and anything smaller is in the realm of women’s sizes. One trick to find the best size watch for your wrist is to measure it. If your wrist is in the 6 to 7 inches range, this means you have a small to medium size wrist. Therefore, you’d be better suited with a 38mm, 40mm or 42mm watch case. If your wrist is on the larger size – 7.5 to 8 inches – you can wear a larger case in the 44-46mm range. We love this Omega Speedmaster Men’s 38mm 1990s Chronograph for the medium size wrist.




2.The watch case thickness: Typically, when the diameter of the watch increases or decreases, so does the thickness of the timepiece. Thus, if you choose the right case diameter for your body, you’ll generally find the right thickness for your wrist as well. For example, a 38mm to a 42mm diameter watch will provide you with roughly 7mm of thickness, while a 44mm diameter watch and up will increase in thickness to 9mm.





3.The width of the watch band: Usually the band of the watch is half the size of the case’s diameter. So, a 40mm watch should come strapped with a 20mm width band. This can change depending on the size of your wrist and your preferences. If you have smaller wrists, you may like a smaller band, and if you have larger wrists you might want a strap that’s wider. The width of the band also depends on the width of the lugs.




4.The material of the band: The look you’d like to achieve with your timepiece will determine the type of band you use. Leather watch bands give the appearance of a slimmer and sleeker look, while a metal band generally appears a bit larger (even if it’s the same size). Therefore, if you have smaller wrists, you might want to look into a leather band and if you have larger wrists try something in metal.




5.The watch components: This might be the most important aspect for when it comes to selecting a new timepiece. You’ll want to examine the size of the components of the watch – the numbers, hours and second hands, the size of the lugs, the pusher and the charger. For example, if you have a small to medium size case and the numbers are huge, this may throw off the entire look.

The most important aspect of any watch is how you feel wearing it. Above all else, it’s important that you find something that wears well, is easy to read and gives off the look/feel you’re going for. When it comes to sizing, make sure your watch is fitted well enough that it doesn’t slide up and down your wrist and that it’s not so tight that it leaves an imprint.

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